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All You Need To Know About Application of Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine.

Most parts of the body that are not working correctly, can be treated using regenerative medicine. Unlike the conventional medicine, regenerative medicine addresses the root cause of the disease by replacing the damaged cells. Stem cell therapy is a treatment method that is meant to reduce pain or heal injuries. To get the stem cells therapies, a patient often receives cell through an injection. Arthritis, injuries to the skeletal and muscular system are some of the injuries that are usually treated using stem cells injuries. Mesenchymal stem cells are the most widely used stem cells in regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal stem cell are adult stems cells that are mostly found on the bone marrow or other tissues such as fallopian tubes. This type of cells can differentiate to form bones, tendons, muscles or skin. Mesenchymal stem cells are able to keep multipotency while with high self-renewal capacity.

Human being have very many stem cells, and some these cells are located on the bone marrow Thne e chief function of the stem cell is to repair and maintain the body. The stem cells are capable of being transformed into any cell that requires maintenance. Whebn a person has enough stem cells, the rate at which the body repair itself is balanced with the rate at which the body is damaged. With time, the number of the stem cells that are in your body reduces in number. As one get older, there is no balance between the rate of at which the body repairs itself and the rate at which it is damaged. A person, therefore, suffers disease such as arthritis, chronic pain, and injuries because of this low count of stem cells.

Even with age, there are places in the body contains large reserve of stem cell. buttocks, and hipbone are some of the places that have reserves of stem cells. When a person is undergoing stem cell therapy, a doctor transfers stem cell from these areas and to place them on the area that is affected. The stem cells work by secreting growth factors which are responsible for the repair of the damaged area. There are many places that you can receive Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. Active Integrated Medical Center is an example of those medical centers that focus on safe admiration of Mesenchymal stem cells therapy.

Many types of patient uses Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. The most common type of people who require this therapy are people who are people who are injured or has trauma. People with bone cancer are treated with bone marrow transplant which contains stem cells. Aging process can also be reversed using stem cells therapy.

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