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Benefits of ipe Wood Decking

Decking has a lot of advantages that it offers especially in construction. One of them is that it makes a place very even and it’s easier to sleep or even walk on it. Decking also has the effect of making your house look warmer in terms of appeal. Modifications are always necessary from time to time in the house, decking makes this easier since it requires minimal groundwork and hence does not need a lot of labor.

There are many kinds of wood that can be utilized for decking purposes. ipe wood is also known as the Brazilian walnut, this wood is from South America and it is known for its ruggedness in terms of quality. This kind of wood is essential in various applications such as furniture among others. This exotic wood has some merits for instance it is not affected by negative weather conditions. This means that ipe is thus very long lasting. The density and hardness level of this wood is double that one of other types of wood. This wood can last for four decades without any issues.

Below I will discuss some of the merits of this type of wood. Although it might be expensive to use ipe wood for decking when purchasing and installing it, it cheaper in the long run because it does not require any complicated forms of maintenance and is able to last long without getting damaged. Other types of woods require regular maintenance for example to protect it from insects and other hazards. For example, ipe wood can withstand termites for about 15 years, which is very high compared to other types of wood.

Ipe tends to make your home be more appealing. There are various color ranges of this type of wood, for instance, light brown and other shades of dark brown that can be fused in making decks to make it look more appealing. Ipe is attractive to the eye because it is even looking.

The Brazilian walnut is very resistant to hazardous conditions for example fire. This means that this wood does not easily get damaged by fire. This wood is also not damaged by water and this makes it suitable for use at home where water commonly spills for instance in the kitchen counter tops. Wood does not pollute the environment. This tree tends to grow on its own or it can also be planted. It takes about 30 years for this tree to mature completely. The price of using plastic materials in decking and that of using ipe wood is almost the same.

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