What Should You Know About Rooftop Tents?

Those who love to go camping but do not relish sleeping on the ground may find rooftop tents to be beneficial. These tents allow individuals to sleep on top of their vehicles where they are safer and not exposed to insects and wild animals. There are a couple of choices when it comes to car tents and they include hardshell or soft. Knowing the details about each will help individuals to make the right decision for their camping needs.

What Are Hardshell Car Tents?

While hardshell tents have been around almost a decade, they are just now making their way into the camping scene in a bigger way. More campers are using these tents and for good reason. One of the biggest benefits of using a hardshell car tent is the ability to camp almost anywhere. The tent can be set up anywhere a car can be parked. They are used at the beach, at festivals, and even for overnight guests at home.

When driving, hardshell car tents look just like car storage boxes. When they are ready to be used as a tent, they can simply be popped up. Once they have been popped up, they form a comfortable sleeping area that is protective and strong. These tents comfortably sleep one to two people.

What About Softshell Car Tents?

While hardshell tents are primarily for one-person sleeping, softshell tents allow for more room and sleepers. Families of four will find this type of tent fits them perfectly and offers plenty of room. Aside from the size, another benefit of softshell car tents is the overhang. This area allows for a place to enjoy the outdoors without being directly in the sun.

Both types of car tents are beneficial and take camping to a whole new level. There is no exposure to crawling insects and most campers feel much safer being elevated above the ground. These tents also are considered more comfortable and stable. With a car tent, individuals will find camping is safer and more fun. Carefully researching the different models will allow individuals to make the right choice for their camping needs.