What is Good Moral Character

When making an application for U.S. citizenship or Naturalization, one of the leading requirements is a good moral character. It is definitely the responsibility of the applicant to indicate that, within the statutorily prescribed period, individual stayed a person of good moral character. And, it's the USCIS which can determine your moral character in accordance with the laws passed by the Congress.Now how does USCIS evaluate good moral character? Well, this can be done through a mixture of background record checks and also the procedure. The Application form for Naturalization contains a variety of inquiries to cover criminal background, if any, political and personal affiliations.USCIS basically investigates in case you:
a. Have committed and/or been in prison for one or two crimes relating to moral turpitude
b. Have committed and/or been convicted of 2 or more offenses by which the overall sentence imposed was 5 years or maybe more
c. Have committed and/or been in prison for any controlled substance law, with the exception of one particular offense of simple possessing 30 grams or less of marijuana
d. Have been confined to a penal institution during the statutory period, by means of a conviction, for an aggregate duration of 180 days or even more
e. Have committed and/or been convicted of two or more gambling offenses
f. Have earned principal income from illegal gambling
g. Have been involved in prostitution or commercialized vice
h. Have been in smuggling illegal aliens inside the United States
i. Have been a habitual drunkard
j. Practices or have practiced polygamy
k. Have wilfully failed or refused to support dependents
l. Have given false testimony, under oath, as a way to receive a benefit under the Immigration and Nationality Act.USCIS expects you to ultimately be truthful and honest through the entire processing of your application especially during the interview, or perhaps it will deny the application. Please remember, in the event when the application qualifies, and citizenship is granted, if USCIS later discovers you committed a fraud in obtaining the approval, the citizenship could be rescinded.It's therefore in your interest to clearly recognize all the steps and procedures part of naturalization, particularly when you have any sort of criminal background.