Learn More About K 1 Visas For Filipino Marriages In The US

If you are currently engaged to a Filipino lady, and want to marry her in the United States, you need a K-1 Visa. A K-1 visa gives you the opportunity to bring your Filipino fiancee to the United States, to do important things such as meet your family, friends and truly make an informed decision about making such a large change in her life. You can quickly and easily get a fiancee visa from the best websites available on the Internet today, and at a very low cost. There are extensive details associated with the paperwork for a K-1 visa, making it extremely complicated to get your fiance to the United States, so that you two can be married. If you're an American citizen and you want your Filipino fiancee to marry you and live in the United States, you need a K-1 visa in order to bring her to the country legally.However, getting a K-1 visa can be easy, provided all the paperwork is properly filled out. For this reason, you may want to consult with a professional company that specializes in this, to help you fill out the paperwork required for your K-1 visa, and to eliminate any hassles associated with bringing your fiance to the US. Statistically speaking, individuals who attempt to get a visa for their fiances on their own, having 50% denial rate from the United States Embassy in Manila. This is because the process is so complex, and the paperwork that is required is very in depth. There are many requirements that must be adhered to, and there are things that government websites simply will not tell you that you need to know. If for any reason you make a mistake they will not allow you to simply make the corrections, the process must be started over from the beginning, with more filing fees, more delays, and more headaches.In addition to this, however, there is also a K-3 visa, which is a Spouse Visa. According to the United States government, a spouse is a legally wedded husband or wife. This means, is living together, and common law marriages are not recognized. In addition, same-sex marriages are not recognized under immigration law. With a spouse visa, you do not need to convert that visa to a green card with an adjustment of status once your husband or wife arrives in the US. The spouse visa is not like a fiancee visa, as it is an immigrant visa that becomes a green card without an adjustment status, dependent on your spouse having a CR-1 spouse visa versus a K-3 visa.Regardless of whether you are simply engaged to be married, or are legally married, the requirements for fiancee and spousal visas is extensive and highly complicated. There is a mountain of paperwork that must be filled out properly, as well as vaccination, health and age requirements, and much more. To make this process easier for you, you must consider contacting an experienced immigration consulting company to help you and your loved one get to the United States quickly and easily as possible, so you two can begin your new life together, as husband and wife.

Easy Solution to All Canada Immigration Problems

Are you planning to migrate to Canada? If yes this is the right place for you because here you will get the exact procedure that will help you in migrating as fast as possible without wasting time. Every individual wants to earn high income and earning dollar is everyone's dream. Hence, everyone has the desire to switch their career or start a new career in Canada. But due to lack of knowledge about migrating and low confidence people lose their hope and forget the dream forever. However, you might get shocked hearing that the process of immigration to Canada is very simple and you can easily immigrate to Canada without any help of agent.In olden days when there wasn't any source to find information about immigration process, people use to seriously struggle to get their immigration done successfully. They had to read a lot of books and talk to various people already immigrated to Canada to get the complete details about the process of immigration. But, now with the help of modern technology not only the process but people with desire of immigration also get instant solution to their problems. There are many useful resources online that provides step by step procedure to apply for immigration in Canada.Today many people have the lack of knowledge about immigration to Canada and prefer applying with the help of an agent. However, the agent charges for proceeding your immigration application is very high and makes you wait long hours for the invitation letter. So, instead of wasting your time in waiting for the invitation letter from the agent you can directly apply for immigration to Canada. But to do so, you will first need to know the complete procedure of applying. Don't worry the process of applying for immigration to Canada is not too lengthy and will not eat you time. All you need to do is prepare yourself with the essential documents and go step by step as instructed.If you have made you decision of not getting stuck in any agents trap and want to apply for immigration by yourself. You can rely on the online source for useful information and step by step procedure of applying for immigration to Canada. There are experts and experienced immigration specialist online, who have their professional website or eBooks that will instruct you and guide you throughout your immigration process. The eBooks provided by these experts are constructed in very easy language with a step by step procedure so any individual from any corner of the world can find it easy to read and implement.These immigration eBooks may charge you some bucks to download online but they are very reasonable and many times affordable than the amount paid to the immigration agent. Now it totally depends on your choice which process you want to rely on, whether to read this simple process of immigration to Canada or to apply through the high charging agents and wait for their invitation letter. Today, many people are downloading this useful eBook online and applying for immigration to Canada by themselves. This saves a lot of time and money. So, what are you waiting for go and get your copy of eBook online and find a quick solution to your entire immigration problem.

Unstable Future of Immigrant Investor Program

Canadian government set a new immigrant investor program for the new applicants. But the future of this new program can't be predicted, it is not surewhether it will have to push back the intake date or proceed with the same status at least for this year. This new program is announced by the Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in order to maximize benefits to the Canadian economy.The Canadian Immigrant Investor Program was created by the federal government to encourage the entry of businesspeople and their families to the country.This program is so attractive that last year's application window closed within 30 minutes. The Canadian government has capped the annual intake at 700. They feel that this is the maximum number which can be handled in a year.According to the Citizenship and Immigration website, the cap of 700 will reset on July 1 unless otherwise indicated in a future ministerial instruction.Why this program is so attractive? The only reason behind this is permanent residence. This program provides the opportunity of becoming permanent residence of Canada to the rich immigration applicants in exchange for money.The Program allows the immigrant investors and their families to obtain an unconditional Canadian permanent resident visa.immigrant investors obtain permanent resident status upon arrival in Canada;immigrant Investors are permitted to live, work, study and do business in Canada;immigrant Investors are allowed to enter and leave Canada freely;immigrant Investors may apply for Canadian Citizenship three (3) years after arrival in CanadaImmigration lawyer Richard Kurland suggests that new applications should not be entertained till the backlog is cleared. He is also asking to wait and watch the United States plans on renewing its investor program which is due in September. After waiting for their announcements Canada may hike their prices more than planned.The case for the immigrant investor program is same as the skilled foreign workers. The decision is yet to be determined that whether the government will eliminate the immigrant investor backlog by returning applications and telling these potential investors to re-apply under the new system.In a press conference, Immigration minister Jason Kenney's press secretary Alexis Pavlich said that we continue to review our options so as to maximize benefits to the Canadian economy.

St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate Industry

Several independent nations have taken up effectual citizenship programs which allow the acquisition of citizenship by making a contribution to the state. This strategy will eventually help for the overall growth and development of the country. The Citizenship Program of St. Kitts and Nevis was incorporated in 1984 and since its inception the investment programs continues to be the most sought after citizenship programs in the world. St Kitts and Nevis is an independent English speaking state situated in the northern parts of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean. The federation consists of two main islands- St. Kitts and Nevis, which are separated by a channel.Earlier a British colony, Caribbean federation has now become the member of UN and Commonwealth of Nations. Kittitian Hill is an ideal place to reside, the trade winds blowing over the place make the island temperature cool and calm throughout the year. These exotic features add to the beauty, making it an embodiment of the tropical paradise that can usually found in South Pacific. Besides the beauty and ecstasy of the place, the island also offers greater opportunities for people all over the world to invest for the nation's good will.The island enfolds many great opportunities and incentives for its people such as tax free exports to the US, returns of profits and exciting tax breaks. Moreover, European imports add to the benefit of the island by earning a large sum of money. People can acquire citizenship in this beautiful landscape by making a worthy investment in real estate market. The Government of this Island is active in promoting foreign investment in its real estate industry. Those who are interested to seek a property in Kittitian Hill can acquire it by paying the registration fees. No additional fees are charged other than the government fee and other necessary fees. It is a matter of gratification to own a property in the Island of peace of beauty.Though acquiring a property in Kittitian Hill is a great pleasure and contentment, there are certain formalities, such as authorizations, that are needed to be achieved by the potential property owner. People may get into a trouble if they have little knowledge about the basic rules and regulations of the real estate market of this place. Therefore, it is a wise choice to hire expert service of an experienced real estate professional to set everything properly and in an effective manner.

Affordable Immigration Public Prosecutor New York – Resolve Your Immigration Problems

When you develop to us assumption was temporary and minor pay your phase. You decide to decree here permanently. The most massive job you face is to feature to handle with us migration laws. This scheme is not a bed of roses anymore. You screw to go through with the lots of paperwork and infinite that is it takes lot of quantify to get it finished. You enroll in such lengthy tasks, you staleness see that everything is leaving in the alter management and is just state serious through your small one fault can you evidence and into big hassle you condition an affordable immigration attorney New York here.Immigration law includes a set of administrative procedures, foreign treaties and northerner codes. Thesis procedures and codes of all plainspoken helping of how and when to commence the respective could marry. Ernst a being is in the Agreed States, immigration laws assai set out how and when a person may enterprise for citizenship. Nigh sure the most important issue in the immigration law is entry into the state. Migration law sets out a person when and why may participate the federate state. Jeffrey harvester law is an inexpensive migration professional New Dynasty, aid individuals and corporations with all topics to pass that us migration, adoption, visa and consular law. We activity severe for our customers to win success in every box. Our goal is to puddle your sensation lose out Indweller to be realism and has allowed families to shack lawfully and jobs in the us he treats all customers with past headache, watchful unhurriedness, naturalness and esteem. Handles boxes for all customers-through the Consolidated States and from crossways the experience. He handles immigration deference and varied transfer boxes. Additionally, act boxes for detained aliens.Jeffrey binder law 'New Dynasty Matrimonial Professional' A part is rarely sluttish. When children are embroiled, still lovable divorce period can require a move for the worst. When concept is encumbered, it is strategic to involve proceeding to assure that your ulterior interests are confiscated assist of. Technically although a split is a option prefab and carried out between two group, the truth is that the choice to get into a separation faculty on the torque any children that has, or how relationships, specified as in-laws, spread home or friends, it is unattainable to keep the import separation present make it your spirit. At the law Jeffrey protection their squad of versatile comprised is hardworking and dedicated divorce and household law professionals.As much, our content is to civilize, discuss, indirect, or litigate to the somebody relate of our clients. Our sanctioned unit has over forty age of collectivized see in divorce and keeping trying boxes throughout New Royalty, Brooklyn, borough, Borough and Bronx. Our skillfulness and our substance to our customers get prefabricated us one of the strip break and mortal keeping law firms in New York today. When you pass with a New York Legal Services at our unbendable, you screw the blessing of our squad in total portion you succeed a approbatory resultant in your pedigree law proceeds.

Canada’s Foreign Relations With India Marred by Immigration Officers

"This chapter describes how to determine if persons are inadmissible to Canada under any of the statutes dealing with war crimes and crimes against humanity".It says that those who committed or who were complicit in the commission of a war crime, a crime against humanity, genocide, or "any other reprehensible act", whenever or wherever they occurred, "are not welcome in Canada".Its thirty pages are written for visa officers working in our Canadian embassies and consulates and for officers who work in immigration offices throughout the country.The thirty pages cover a number of Canadian statutes relevant to war crimes and international laws on the topic.It defines the terms genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and acts of terrorism.It describes how a person can become "complicit" in one of these acts even by doing nothing at all. It informs officers that "case law in Canadian courts has determined that complicity can be found" by merely "being present at the scene" of a crime or by simply "being a member" of an organization. In other words, officers are instructed that a person can be held accountable for such "reprehensible acts" without even lifting a finger.Officers are encouraged to conduct their own Internet research and to identify "links or sites that may provide required information" to help prove their case.Foreigners can be denied visas, be ordered deported, or be denied protection in Canada if an officer has "reasonable grounds to believe" complicity in one of these offensive acts.In the case of foreigners applying for a visa to Canada, no hearing is conducted. An officer simply has to have some information that is, in his/her opinion, sufficient to form "reasonable grounds to believe" the act occurred and that complicity was present.Officers are provided a "sample refusal letter" that they should complete and which even includes a sentiment of regret. "I realize that this reply will be a disappointment to you," it says.Well, Fateh Singh Pandher, a retired constable with India's Border Security Force got one such letter and was obviously more than just "disappointed." He was mad.Visa officials refused his application for permanent residence with one of these letters saying that India's Border Security Force "has engaged in systematic attacks on civilians and has been responsible for systematically torturing suspected criminals."Pandher believed he did no wrong and took offence to being called a human rights violator and got the Indian press involved. It was quickly discovered that other members of India's border agency received similar letters. Not surprisingly, this created an international incident when the democratic government of India objected strongly to the accusation that it commits war crimes or crimes against humanity.On Friday, Minister Jason Kenney apologized profusely to the Indian government and vowed to review how such decisions are made.No judge, and no jury anywhere in Canada has the power to pin such a horrible label on a person with such little evidence and with such little opportunity to be heard let alone the power to tar a whole country - over one billion Indians - with such a mark. This unprecedented power only lies with Canada immigration and visa officers.While Canadians probably have no qualms about entrusting our immigration officers with the power to deny access to Canada to convicted criminals, to those who are a threat to us, to those who have abused our hospitality before, and to those who are likely to overstay their welcome here, very few, I would imagine would want to see officers wield a power capable of such offence and impact on Canada foreign relations.I am the son-in-law of two Holocaust survivors whose lives were utterly destroyed by real war criminals. My wife and my children have been forever denied any kind of real family on my wife's side because virtually no one survived. Accordingly, I would not hesitate to deny access to Canadian soil to anyone guilty of atrocities.However, when our laws are cast so wide such that an Indian border guard can be painted with the same brush as the Nazis who systematically murdered millions, then it is clear that we need to reconsider how wide we cast these labels.While I have respect for our immigration officers and the training that they are given, the impact of their decisions should not be capable of reaching beyond the applicant's personal sphere and be permitted to enter the arena involving Canada's political and economic relations.Their power to do so should be clawed back immediately and unequivocally.

Do You Know Which INS Forms to File For Inadmissibility Waiver

In the United States some of the inadmissible nonimmigrant applicants and aliens who are not eligible to be admitted as an immigrant or adjust status in US must file Form I-601 in order to seek a waiver of certain grounds of inadmissibility. They must submit all 11 pages of the INS forms. The Filing Fee is $585.Who should file Form I-601?Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility may be filed by anyone of the following aliens:1. Outside US if an applicant has an interview with the consular officer but was found to be inadmissible.2. Applicant who has applied for adjust of status3. Visa applicant of K1 or K-2 type visas.4. Applicant who have applied for K-3, K-4 or V visas.5. Applicant who has applied for Temporary protected status (TPS).6. Applicant under the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief act.7. Applicant under Haitian refugee Immigrant fairness act.8. Self - petitioner under the Violence against women's act (VAWA)9. Applicant who wants to adjust the status but is inadmissible since he/she already has not got a waiver to enter US on some ground with regards to the T non immigrant status.10. Applicants who are seeking waiver on the following grounds:a) Under Immigration and Nationality act (INA) section 212(a)(1) on health related grounds.b) Under INA section 212(a)(2) certain criminal grounds.c) Under INA section 212(a)(3)(D) as immigrant member in Totalitarian party.d) Under INA section 212(a)(6)(C) misrepresentation or fraud immigration except INA section 212(i) waiver not available in case, under INA Section 212(a)(6)(C)(ii) you are not admissible to US if you had claimed falsely to be a US citizen on or after September 30, 1996.e) Under INA section 212(a)(6)(E) applicant is smuggler or under INAsection 212(a)(6)(F) if applicant is being subject of civil penalty.f) Under INA section 212(a)(9)(B) if applicant is on 3 or 19 years bar.g) If applicant filed for TPS on certain grounds of inadmissibility.h) Under INA section 212(a)(9)(A) applicant who is alien previously removed and under (9)(C) if alien is unlawfully present after previous immigration violations, applicant who filed for NACARA or HRIFA adjustment or VAWA self petitioner .i) Under INA section 212(a)(1) public health and INA section 212(a)(4) public charge T non immigrant visa holders who apply for adjust of status may receive waiver but not for applicants who are inadmissible under INA section 212(a)(3)security related grounds, INA section 212(a)(10)(C) international child abductors or INA section 212(a)(10)(E) former citizen who renounced US citizenship to avoid taxation.The Form I-601 must be filed at a USCIS Lockbox facility along with complete Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance if you want to receive an e-mail and/or text message that your Form I-601 has been accepted. To the first page of your application it has to be clipped.Filing procedure update from USCISIn the United States USCIS will Centralize Filing and Adjudication for Certain Waivers of Inadmissibility. Individuals abroad who have applied for certain visas and have been found ineligible by a U.S. Consular Officer would from June 4, 2012 be able to mail requests to waive certain grounds of inadmissibility directly to a Lockbox facility of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).Applicants must send their waiver applications and this change affects where individuals abroad, who have been found inadmissible for an immigrant visa or a nonimmigrant K or V visa. Applicants experience processing times from one-month to more than a year currently depending on their filing location. Faster and more efficient application processing and consistent adjudication will be provided by this centralization to customers.It does not reflect a change in policy or the standards by which the applications are adjudicated, it is part of a broader agency effort to transition to domestic filing and adjudication. Individuals will now be able to track the status of their case online by filing waiver applications with a USCIS Lockbox. Filings for Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility would be affected by the changes.Immigrant visa waiver applicants in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, will have the option to either mail their waiver applications to the USCIS Lockbox in the United States or file in-person at the USCIS office in Ciudad Juarez during a limited six-month transition period. As a proactive act, with the huge caseload pending in mind, the USCIS will significantly increase the number of officers assigned to adjudicate the residual cases filed before June 4 for those filed during the interim six-month transition period. As a testing process USCIS has already transferred applications from Ciudad Juarez to other USCIS offices in the United States.

The EB 5 Investor Visa Not Just For Entrepreneurs

The last decade or so has seen political and economic upheaval in the land of the free, and never before has it been so difficult to gain entry and permanent residency status in the United States. This calls into question Emma Lazarus' beautiful sentiments on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, which cry:"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of you teaming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"The United States may not be welcoming the "homeless, tempest-tossed" masses, but there is one "golden door" that remains invitingly open. The economic upheaval and downturn of the last decade or so has left American businesses and enterprises sorely in need of willing investors, and that's good news for any cash heavy foreigners looking to buy in to the American dream. By coming into the country on an EB-5 investor visa, foreigners who are willing to put their money where their mouth is can gain permanent resident status for themselves and their immediate family in a little under three years. Not that the process is easy, and not everybody has a half million dollars to invest in a business venture that may or may not pay off.What If You Don't Want To Run A Business?Of course, just because you've got cash in hand and are ready to invest in your future in the United States doesn't mean that your particular version of the American dream includes starting or running your own business. The EB-5 investor visa requires that you do invest in a business, and at a minimum of $500,000, but you don't have to actually start or run your own business unless you want to. For those who prefer to simply invest and let someone else worry about the business details, a Regional Center investment is a great option.Created by the U.S. government specifically for the EB-5 program, Regional Centers are commercial enterprises that have been officially designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as "targeted employment area" investments. They allow EB-5 investors to fulfill program requirements by funding a pre-qualified business which is designed to create and maintain the mandatory job positions and documentation required by the EB-5.Regional Center investments are popular with foreign investors who wish to concentrate on a career or education that is unrelated to their investment business. But don't think they offer a free ride. Although Regional Center managers do provide the bulk of the labor and documentation you'll need on the business end of things, the EB-5 application and proof of fulfillment process is a long and drawn out battle through layer upon layer of ruthlessly scrutinized paper work, and most of the foreign nationals who do gain their permanent resident status through the EB-5 visa program owe their success to the expertise and skill and experienced EB-5 consultants.

What is Good Moral Character

When making an application for U.S. citizenship or Naturalization, one of the leading requirements is a good moral character. It is definitely the responsibility of the applicant to indicate that, within the statutorily prescribed period, individual stayed a person of good moral character. And, it's the USCIS which can determine your moral character in accordance with the laws passed by the Congress.Now how does USCIS evaluate good moral character? Well, this can be done through a mixture of background record checks and also the procedure. The Application form for Naturalization contains a variety of inquiries to cover criminal background, if any, political and personal affiliations.USCIS basically investigates in case you:
a. Have committed and/or been in prison for one or two crimes relating to moral turpitude
b. Have committed and/or been convicted of 2 or more offenses by which the overall sentence imposed was 5 years or maybe more
c. Have committed and/or been in prison for any controlled substance law, with the exception of one particular offense of simple possessing 30 grams or less of marijuana
d. Have been confined to a penal institution during the statutory period, by means of a conviction, for an aggregate duration of 180 days or even more
e. Have committed and/or been convicted of two or more gambling offenses
f. Have earned principal income from illegal gambling
g. Have been involved in prostitution or commercialized vice
h. Have been in smuggling illegal aliens inside the United States
i. Have been a habitual drunkard
j. Practices or have practiced polygamy
k. Have wilfully failed or refused to support dependents
l. Have given false testimony, under oath, as a way to receive a benefit under the Immigration and Nationality Act.USCIS expects you to ultimately be truthful and honest through the entire processing of your application especially during the interview, or perhaps it will deny the application. Please remember, in the event when the application qualifies, and citizenship is granted, if USCIS later discovers you committed a fraud in obtaining the approval, the citizenship could be rescinded.It's therefore in your interest to clearly recognize all the steps and procedures part of naturalization, particularly when you have any sort of criminal background.

Visa Consultant in Delhi- Helping You Getting All Kind of Visas

In developing country like India people often get attracted toward the luxurious life of developed country. Only wishing to move to these countries is not enough, if one really wants to work, study to travel in these developed country, one need to contact an experienced visa consultant.Developed countries always lure Indians. Basic reasons for which we like to move to these countries are the good pay packages, advance infrastructure and advance lifestyle. UK comes in top in all the countries where people from India like to immigrate. You earning in dollars, advance lifestyle, heath facilities and lots of other facilities are here for what people from developing countries wish all the time. Social security and safety is another reason for that people like to move to this country. Australia also comes in the radar of the immigrants whenever it comes to move to overseas. It is one of the most lucrative countries in terms of job opportunity, education and travelling. Australia also offers a great opportunity for skilled labors from India apart from quality life and better healthcare facilities.Indian students too wish to get higher studies in foreign countries. And reason for this priority is the advance facility and better faculties. Besides, these international degrees make sure that the holder can get a good job in any country across the world. Australia, Canada, UK etc are some of the countries that can offer good education and better study environment for the younger kids those seek better education. Apart from the job, you can get better jobs in these countries just after you are through with your education. You can contact a good visa consultant in Delhi if you are willing to get a student visa and after studies if you are planning to get settled in same country. You can get temporary and permanent visa for foreign country and for different reason you get different visas which are valid for different durations.An experiences visa consultant can help you be telling you the right procedure, he can advise the best thing you can do if you want to immigrate to some other country, he can tell you about the required document and can offers his guidance so that the whole procedure can be completed in a very hassle free way.Some time the reason for getting the visa could be business related. For example, New Zealand is one of the fast growing countries in winery and wool business and is one of the major parts of the world in dairy products. If you too wish to get a visa to be part of these businesses there, you first have to understand their business visa related dos and don'ts and only an experienced visa consultant can help you understand that. Every country has its own rules and regulations and that are quite different from rules and regulations of India. So you need to be through with all this especially in case of visa. Simple ignorance can turn into a disaster of life time no matter if you are planning to get a student visa, employment visa or business visa.